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a very amusing post

ohnotheydidnt posted a very amusing post about how writers feel about fanfiction.


I don't really know. I'm agreeing with some people here...because I see fabulously written fanfictions sometimes and I wonder if they are real writers getting published because they should really pursue it if they're that good.

But then again, I think some writers are being snooty because of the money. Having said that, I don't believe fanfiction should be published and sold for profits. But writers saying it's an invasion of their world or whatever... it's a bit meh---
If I had a "world" that people loved enough to invent, reinvent, or add to, I'd be flattered. I wouldn't be offended because I would know in my heart that my "world" is something that only I can take control of.

I don't know.

I feel disappointed, but empathetic to these writers as well.


Why is the world all about money?